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New Zealand firms eyeing opportunities in clean technology in India

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New Zealand-based companies are eyeing opportunities in clean technology in India and are keen to share their expertise in niche areas.

“There are specialisation areas in water and renewables where we think we can fit in. We don’t have the capital backing of say a Tata, but we are looking at partnerships here,” said Mike Allen, Special Envoy for Renewable Energy and Executive Director Geothermal, New Zealand.

On India’s renewable energy market and programme, Allen said, “There is a lot of competition in the solar market in particular.

“Tariffs and pricing is being pushed quite low because of the competition making it hard to get returns but that might get balanced out in the future.

“It has to be seen whether the market will remain rational as it grows.”

He also was impressed that the individual project sizes have been kept smaller rather than building large plants.

Allen said “All renewable projects suffer from being in areas where the demand is not so much. If you can put solar power close to the transmission lines, then, there is nothing like it”.

On India’s policy to protect domestic solar power panel manufacturers through subsidies and incentives, Allen said, “It is not an irrational move. Many countries want to do that.”

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