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Kolkata parks to have India's first automated carbon-neutral solar lighting system

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The City of Joy is poised to become the first city in the country to have its public parks illuminated by an automated carbon-neutral solar lighting system, reducing the carbon footprint and electricity bills.

The new automated solar lighting system, first installed at Deshapriya Park on a trial basis, would now be extended to 28 other parks by the Kolkata Municipal Corporation (KMC), the custodian of the parks.

"The unique part in this solar lighting system is that it is battery-less and connected with the power grid. An automatic control system has been put in place and the lights will be switched on automatically after evening and switched off in the morning," renewable energy expert SP Gon Chowdhury, who has devised the technology, said.

The lights will also dim automatically after midnight when requirement is low.

The project, funded by the West Bengal government, should be ready in less than a year's time, KMC's member Mayor-in-Council (Parks and Squares) Debasish Kumar said.

Explaining the concept of carbon-neutrality manager, thus named by Chowdhury, the expert said that the system would push solar energy generated during daytime back into the main electricity grid with the aid of a micro-converter.

"No battery is therefore needed. The amount of solar electricity produced through the solar panels is recorded on an electric metre. It is carbon-neutral because it produces as much electricity as it consumes," the solar expert said, claiming that the carbon neutrality manager, developed by him, is a first in the world. 

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