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2 Doon villages save money, power using LED bulbs

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After Missras Patti of Sahaspur block, Dehradun, became the first gram sabha to use energy-efficient LED bulbs in its seven villages (Than, Barapur, Missras Patti, Bakrana, Luniyas, Kotda and Batoli) last month, Pathari village in Haridwar followed suit. All 250 households in the village installed LED bulbs manufactured by villagers, jail inmates and students of The Doon School and Welham Girls School, with some help from two NGOs that volunteered for the project.

The initiative was the brainchild of Rajesh Majumdar, head of the Science department at The Doon School and Welham Girls School. From December 2016 to June 2017, around 150 people from 27 different states were trained to make LED bulbs, with the help of Society of Pollution and Environmental Conservation (SPEC), one of the NGOs that volunteered (the other was one called Just Open Yourself (JOY)).

From July 2017, the work started in Dehradun. The skill of making these bulbs was imparted to jail inmates, unemployed youths as well as the women here. They bulbs were distributed to villagers for free and installed over the last fortnight.

"The electrification of all seven villages of Missras Patti with LED bulbs, a first in the country, started in July last year, when two students from Dehradun volunteered for the project. The students of Welham girls school eventually joined us in the project" according to Majumdar.

Brij Mohan Sharma, the president of SPEC, said, "In Missras Patti, a total 1,035 LED bulbs would save 96,255 watts. Residents can save 96 units an hour, which means they can save 2,304 units a day and more than 8 lakh units a year. It would mean the villagers can save Rs 8 lakh a year."

Jai Sharma, the founder-president of JOY said, "It costs Rs 50 to assemble parts to make a LED bulb. They are sold for Rs 70. Unemployed villagers can easily earn at least Rs 20 as profit and have a dignified livelihood."

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