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Monday, 05 February 2018 17:18

Beed district picked for solar charkhas

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The national launch of the solar charkha scheme will begin in Maharashtra. The project, which aims at creating five crore jobs will start in Beed district in April, Giriraj Singh, Union minister of state for micro, small and medium enterprise, said on Sunday.

"The conditions are favourable for the textile industry in Maharashtra. A whole cluster of solar charkha projects can be developed here. The launch of the project will be done in Ashti taluka in Beed district in April," he said.

Singh said that the creation of nearly 1,100 jobs per panchayat is possible under the scheme.

He said the government will work to develop agro clusters for rural areas and industrial clusters for urban areas, adding that the government has mandated that all government undertakings must procure 20% of their requirements from MSMEs.

According to the government, the charkha will give jobs to women in the next five years. The project also aims at promoting khadi.

Under the scheme, a 'solar spindle mission' would consist of 500 solar spindles, while its cluster would consist of 4,000 spindles. Investment of Rs 40,000 crore would be launched in every Lok Sabha constituency, the minister said.

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