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Monday, 29 January 2018 10:28

International solar energy conference at PDP University

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A three-day international conference on nano materials for energy conversion and storage applications will begin on Monday at PDP university in Gandhinagar which will see solar energy experts from US, France, Australia and several leading Indian scientific institutions will deliberate and exchange ideas.

The conference will raise awareness amongst participants to the new opportunities, challenges and risks posed by nanotechnology in the field of energy conversion and storage.

The conference will highlight research work that shows how nanotechnology can be used to create thin-film solar cells. Some of the research that will be showcased during the seminar will show how nano-structured surface traps incoming light more effectively causing it to spend more time within the silicon material. It will show how various modelling of nanostructures.

The event will feature leading solar energy experts like Prof Vijay Modi from Columbia University, Prof Stephan Bastide, from Institut de Chimie Et Des Materiaux Paris, Prof Jeffrey Mativetsky Binghamton University, US and Prof Gavin Conibeer, New South Wales University, Australia.

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