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Friday, 19 January 2018 17:13

Madras Christian College gets one more solar power plant

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US Consul General, Chennai, Robert G Burgess on Thursday emphasised on the use of 'green energy' on educational campuses and hospitals during the launch of a 500kWp solar power plant in Madras Christian College farm.

Stating that green energy is one of the future sources of power to meet large and growing demands of electricity, Burgess said such green projects should be regarded as a model and be emulated by schools, colleges and hospitals.

This is the second such solar plant in the college. Earlier in 2016, a 100kWp plant in the college farm was commissioned at a cost of Rs 70 lakh that harnesses about 500 units per day on grid solar energy. The total power consumption of the campus per day on an average is about 4500 units. With the new plant supplying 2,500 units of energy per day, the two plants together provide 3000 units per day supporting more than 50% of the energy consumption on campus.

The solar plant launched on Thursday involves multi crystalline photo voltaic solar panels spread over three acres with transformers, inventers and operative control units at the farm site in the MCC premises.

The project is worth Rs 5 crore and funded by the United States Agency for International Development - American Schools and Hospitals Abroad (USAID-ASHA).

K M Mammen, chairman of the MCC Association and the board of directors, acknowledged the contribution of the USAID ASHA that has supported the college's initiative of sustainable renewable energy on campus. Tree planting was also carried out at the entrance of the farm by the guests to commemorate the occasion.

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