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Thursday, 11 January 2018 17:04

‘Avail govt subsidy and install biogas plants’, DC appeals to villager

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The Punjab Energy Development Agency (PEDA) had set up 240 biogas plants in the district in 2017, and given a subsidy of Rs 21.60 lakh on these plants. This was revealed by deputy commissioner Pradeep Kumar Aggarwal, who said the Punjab government had offered subsidy worth Rs 5,500 for setting up a biogas plant having the capacity of one cubic metre.

Speaking on the occasion, Aggarwal said: "The government gives a subsidy worth Rs9,000 on biogas plants whose capacity ranges between two to six cubic metres to people belonging to the general category, and a subsidy of Rs11,000 is being given to people from SC-ST categories. Methane gas emitted from a biogas plant is harmless and safe for humans. Using this gas will ultimately reduce expenditure incurred by LPG gas, and help save the environment from pollution."

Aggarwal said people of rural areas should come forward to take benefit of the government scheme and install biogas plants in their villages, as they could save their money from being spent on other energy sources. He also informed that high-quality manure could also be prepared from the remaining waste of biogas plants.

District Peda manager Anupam Nanda said the Punjab government had also started offering the facility of installing biogas plants in poultry farms, as litter by hens could also be used for the biogas plant. "For seeking further information, one can contact 79869-98553," he added.

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