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Tuesday, 26 December 2017 17:08

Green energy plan for offshore platforms

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A team from Cochin University of science and technology (Cusat) proposes green energy generation for offshore platforms like oil rigs using piezoelectric crystals.

The findings were presented at the international conference on ships and offshore technology held at the IIT Kharagpur in association with Royal Institute of Naval Architects (RINA), UK titled 'Use of Piezoelectric Crystals on Offshore Platforms', by Pratap Chittalngia and Sivaprasad K of the department of ship technology.

"In the not-so-far future, we will be having a lot of oil rigs which will be abandoned. So these can be used to generate electricity. The material that can be used is piezoelectric crystals which have special properties and can generate energy when exposed to vibrations.

The paper says that these vibrations are usually technical obstacles for naval architects and marine engineers, but in this case, it can be used productively for probably the first time in maritime history. "According to theoretical calculations, installing such crystals on one pillar of the platform can produce up to 276 kW of power. The commercial viability of the idea will increase with the advance in material science and the advent of piezoelectric crystals with higher piezoelectric constants and lower costs. Moreover, these crystals may be installed both on existing platforms and new ones. Thus, this may be a viable green energy source in the not so distant future," he said.

The idea is that wind mills and solar energy can be trapped in the vertical top platforms. "We can also tap wave energy when it hits the four pillars. A one meter wave can generate about 276 kilo watt of energy approximately.

"We can run models and check out the potential. Also these can be further improvised," Sivaprasad said.

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