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Wednesday, 25 October 2017 16:45

Biogas plant at deputy commissioner's residence Jalasannidhi

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The National Institute of Engineering-Centre for Renewable Energy and Sustainable Technologies (NIE-CREST) has set up biogas plant at the deputy commissioner's residence Jalasannidhi. The plant has been installed on the direction of DC D Randeep.

Explaining about the kitchen biogas plant, S Shamsundar, head of NIE-CREST said: "Technical expertise is not required for its operation. Around 1 kg to 5 kg of kitchen waste can be put into the tank fitted with a tight lid. The waste undergoes multi-stage digestion with the cascade digester. The plant runs on biomethanation technology and generates biogas which is utilized for cooking."

Kitchen biogas plant can also be fitted on rooftop of not only houses but hostels and restaurants where huge kitchen waste is generated, he said.

Deputy commisioner D Randeep said "Instead of sending kitchen waste to Mysuru City Corporation, we are converting it into clean fuel through kitchen waste biogas plant, which is also cheaper, safer and less polluting than LPG. It not only keeps the environment clean, but is a good alternative source of energy".

"We are already using solar energy for hot water. With LPG rate going up, this is the best alternative. I have paid for the plant which costs Rs 36,000. After evaluating its performance, we will consider installing it in hostels," he said.

Every month, at least two LPG cylinders are used at the DC's residence, but the biogas plant will save at least 40% LPG.

NIE-CREST so far has successfully installed more than 60 units across Karnataka and is implementing 15 projects at present.

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